About Us



I have been the owner and operator of this mobile retail seafood outlet, Unreel Seafood since 2014, as well as a professional charter boat operator and pro fisherman for more than 25 years.

After years of friends and family asking if they could purchase fresh fish and seafood from me, I decided to sell retail, as I had a passion for quality local seafood. Until then, most of my catch found its way to the southern markets.

When i’m not behind the counter, i am catching or sourcing product from other local pro fisherman around the coast of Fraser Island and Queensland. I then process and cryovac the fish, so i know when u open it, it will be as good as when I packaged it. Cryovacing and snap freezing prevents waste. Freezing and cryovacing is a great sustainable way to keep seafood fresh as it stays fresh for at least 12 months and locks in all the flavour. I often say to my customers if i had  fresh fish and didn’t sell it, what would I do with it? Refreeze it or throw it out. (I don’t think so!). Hence, cryovac and snap freezing began.

I fish about three to five days a month which, depending on weather, provides enough stock for the vans. I do source product from New Zealand e.g. large Pacific oysters, calamari and scallops. We have some of the worlds best prawns and seafood right here on our doorstep. (For boat and fishing photos, visit our ‘Unreel Gallery’ in the menu bar).

I am born and raised in Gympie, married with 2 children and try to support and encourage local businesses whenever I can.

I look forward to bringing the local community fresh quality seafood for many years to come.